İnş.Müh.Mehmet Akif Soysal

İnş.Müh.Mehmet Akif Soysal

He devoted himself to change the World,primarily started to alteration make difference in the World of his own. Succeed to Civil Engineering student which be his dream and first choisen, tried to best in considered necessary all topic, started to be leadership from primary school desks, creator of FUGO(2013-2015), creator of (2014-2015), he took the lead in some student club and community for organisation, participated some volunteer projects, attended to project of One Belt One Road in China which the only person attending from Turkey, has been nominated as candidate for Youngest Entrepreneur in Turkey from Elazıg, has some hobbies like judo, MMA, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, arm wrestling, poem, theater, spends his time learning something and improve himself, has been rival to hisself at his all life, saw all problem like a opportunity, open to self-development.
Briefly He is Civil Engineer at Reneissance in Moscow/Russia!


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